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Sound dropout and pixelation, again...and guide issues

Question asked by deronjohnston on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2014 by shaw-lance

I have a Pace DC758D with a Western Digital expander. For some time, I had a bad pixelation issue which I solved by reorganizing my wiring behind the A/V setup. I recently got a new AV receiver and am now running the HDMI from the cable box through the AVR to the TV. Live feeds seem OK, maybe the odd brief dropout when I switch channels, but otherwise it seems fine. On recordings, however, there is intermittent very brief sound dropouts and occasionally brief pixelation. All the cabling is as it was before the switch to the new AVR. Bloody annoying, any ideas?


Anyone else think the the eSATA connectors are the most finicky ever devised? I've had to tape them in once connected to ensure they don't come out on their own.


Lastly, when paging up or down in the guide, the guide seems to stick and starts skipping up or down (whichever way I was going) very quickly. It seems to happen around a certain page in the guide, and the particular page changes from day to day. Once again, any ideas?


I know the Pace is an older unit but aside from the guide issue my sound and video was pretty good before the switch to the AVR.