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Portal Power Plug

Question asked by e350coupe on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2012 by shaw-lance

Has anyone else had problems with the power plug which powers the Portal. 


I do custom installs in my spare time and the power plug is a pain in the A??.  Reason is, because its is mounted on the rear of the unit and adds at least an additional inch to the depth of the Portal.  The HDMI has an available 90 degree left or right and up or down connector.  The cable connector is available with a quality 90 degree connector, however there is nothing available for the power cord and when forced to mount these units near the viewing area for the customer, as there is no IR receiver to mount it out of sight I am unable to do anything with the Portal.


I have had some success with mounting it on top of the TV with flat mount tv adaptors but even when mounting the Portal below the soundbar in the wall the power plug sticks out so much that it just looks terrible and really not worth the drywall modifications to do this.


My electronic supplier has searched high and low and unable to find or locate a 90 degree power plug adapter and suggested I market one as currently there is nothing available anywhere in the world.


Maybe I am getting too picky but I always install with a flush look meaning that absolutely nothing protrudes beyond the face of the TV, and this includes, dvd players, Bose speakers, sound bars and even Portals.


Oh and I love newer condo's with 2"x6" walls made with steel studs.