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Suddenly lost internet while on the phone with Shaw doing tv/phone changes

Question asked by lowman905 on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by [shaw]heather

Last night we were making some changes to our plan (changed tv and phone service).  While I was on the phone with shaw my wife said we lost our wifi connection, coincidence?  When i got off of the phone none of my wired or wireless devices could get online. 

I have a d-link DIR-835 router Revision A1 with current firmware wired into a Cisco Bridged cable modem.   I have a PC and Playstation 3 hard wired into the dlink router as well we have iphones, tablets etc on wireless.

All lights were green on the router and all lights were on the modem but none were blinking.  I called Shaw and they told me everything is fine from their end. If I plug my PC directly into the modem I get internet. I hard powered everything off and back on, nothing changed, I reset the router to factory settings, nothing changed, i changed the cables between the router and modem, still nothing changed. I know the router is functioning as I can still connect my playstation to my pc to access the media files but the playstation will not go online either. All of the wireless devices can pick up the router and can connected to shared media in the PC but like the wired devices can't get online.  So for some reason my router will not talk to my modem. The router is on about 6 months old (I had a similar problem when i bought this router.  Shaw told me it was my issue, I went out and spent $100 on a decent router to find out that the modem was the problem all along). 

Is it a coincidence that my internet went down while making changes to my tv/phone?  If it is my router does shaw have a decent wifi router yet?  I have been researching online.  Some suggestions are having shaw reset the line and modem from their end.

Any suggestions?