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Pace TDC776D PVR - Getting So Bad

Question asked by frostyvic on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by frostyvic

I've had these problems for so long but now its not gotten so bad that I can't take it anymore. Searched some threads and I see similar issues. I've have a Pace TDC776D PVR with a Shaw PVR Expander, Richmond, BC Area.




1) My PVR has pixalation and choppy audio issues during playback.

2) Periodically PVR loses sync between audio and video during playback. Happens at least once per 2 hour show.

3) PVR response to remote is progressively slower as the day goes on. We now pull the plug on the PVR daily in order to force a reboot, which makes things better for a couple of hours but degrades as the hours go by. It's gotten to the point where we are thinking about putting an electrical timer on the plug to turn the PVR off and on in the wee hours so its ready to function the next day.

4) If we don't force a reboot, the unit will reboot itself after a couple of days, after it eventually freezes when no longer responding to remote.


I've had the PVR boxes swapped out by Shaw (several times), as well as the expander. All splitters replaced by Shaw. Line coming from pole into house replaced by Shaw. Remote replaced by Shaw. All at various times in 2012/2013. Single strength great.Things seem to be OK when the Shaw guy leaves (great guys!) but then the problems start re-surfacing shortly thereafter.


Almost like a memory leak in the software running the PVR box.


Had thought I could live with this but getting too bad now that I have to do a daily reboot.


I need a concrete, lasting solution to the issues. Help!








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