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How to find what you want to watch on the new Gateway Arris PVR

Question asked by mjashlee on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

We purchased the Gateway and 2 portals in December and we still haven't been  able to figure out how to find what sports is on at a specific time.  On our old digital Box, we could just click 'settings' the remote and then click on the search Icon and it would give us choices for sports, Movies, kids, title, etc..  When we would click on the sports Icon, it would then give us a choice of basketball, hockey, football, baseball...all of the sports.  When we would click on basketball, we would get ALL the channels that had something to do with basketball during that exact time slot and if you wanted to look ahead you could.  We could simply scroll down the list to find the game or program that we wanted at that specific time. We still have our old digital box and I just did this:


  1. Clicked on settings
  2. Clicked on the search icon
  3. Scrolled down to Sports
  4. Scrolled down to Basketball
  5. Then I could see all the basketball which was on at that time and I was able to find the basketball game that I wanted to watch.  Then I go down to our other TV which has the Gateway on it and go to the channel that I just found using my old digital box. 


I have attempted to use the menu options on the Gateway Arris and I simply cannot find what I want.  We have tried to go to the search menu and still have no luck.  This is really frustrating.  Shouldn't technology be a little easier than this? If I want to know basketball games/programs are on at 6:00pm on Saturday night, shouldn't I be able to find that out with a couple of simple clicks of the remote?  When I try to find some basketball, it gives me all of the basketball for the next week, not what is on at this very moment.  Please, can you give me some instructions to help me navigate this machine?  I thought that we were getting something better, but we feel that we have gone two steps backwards.