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Problems sending shawmail from IOS devices

Question asked by brew_too on Jan 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

     My iPad & iPhone have been having consistent problems recently (that used to be rare and intermittent) when sending shaw emails: out of four email accounts (all POP), there are three that will not send any more; the problem used to be with two of them.  There are two different failure types: on two of the accounts, the failure to send comes with the error message: "Cannot Send Mail: The user name or password for 'sender' is incorrect."  But it isn't; the setup process does not allow that.

The other account fails to send with the error message: "Unable to Send Email. A copy has been placed in your Outbox.  The sender address 'sender'@shaw.cawas rejected by the server." 

     These problems used to occur once in a while, but deleting and re-establishing the account would clear the problem, and it no longer does, since the new year.  Any ideas?  I have seen posts where IOS email problems were solved by changing from POP3 to Exchange protocol, but that should not have to happen, and does not explain why the 3 of 4 accounts which do fail do so in to different ways.  Any help would be appreciated.  BTW, there has been no problem receiving emails prior to today; however, today I have been seeing incoming emails with no sender, receiver, subject, or body, which seem to coincide with me trying to send an email that fails.  All of these totally blank messages cannot be deleted, and are all dated "12/31/1969".  Weird, eh?