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DCX 3510-M - "Diagnostics Initialization" problem

Question asked by mpetch on Jan 18, 2014
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For the most part my DCX-3510-M has been pretty good the past 4-5 weeks. I haven't had duplicate recordings and previously they were quite frequent). I was watching curling on TSN channel 21 (HD) and at 4:30pm MST I got one of those "Time shift" error messages (which I see quite often at the top and bottom of hour whether I am recording or not). When I clicked OK I received an emerald green screen with "Diagnostics Initialization" in the middle. I have never seen this before (I have had the box for a year now). It went through 2 reboot cycles (automatically) and when it finally showed the time on the display it refused to power on via the remote. The small blue  light on the front to the left of the time suggested it was seeing signals every time I pressed the remote. It required me powering on the unit with the power button on the front of the box.


Once powered on the remote control worked (including powering off and on). I did experience some bizarre behaviour though. While scrolling through the channels on the guide pressing the down arrow would go down but occasionally it would jump to channels out of order (another problem I had never seen before).


Did anything unusual happen at 4:30pm that may have caused this or should I be concerned about an equipment failure with the Diagnostics initialization message? I wish I had a screenshot of the message but it rebooted before I got my smartphone camera out.