series recordings not recording on the DCX 3510

Discussion created by db5000 on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by [shaw]ali

I just realized i've been missing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for about the past month! It's in my series recordings - record new, keep all - haven't seen it on my recordings list since i don't know when! Also tried to set a series recording for "The Tunnel" - It gave me an overlap conflict message even though i couldn't see any conflict. I do have another program scheduled for the same time but so what -  do i not have two tuners, can i not record two programs at the same time?? It has now shown up on my Series list but is not showing up on my scheduled recordings list.


Add this onto slow response times for the remote, incomple program informatio..., and Guide listings not matching what's actually on. On and on it goes with Shaw!! Oh, and the reason I was trying to record The Tunnel is because Shaw decided that i would rather watch it than "Justified". This, after teasing me for about 3 weeks with TV promos for "Season 5 of Justified on FX Canada" starting on Jan. 12!! Nope, sorry westerners, you're going to watch "The Tunnel."


Oh, and might as well throw in a couple of ancient known issues that have been demanded by users and ignored by Shaw: accessing the guide while watching a recorded or buffered program without getting kicked to live TV; recordings missing a minute at the end of the program with no option to extend the program;