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Gateway zoom functionality (or NOT)

Question asked by tonypatrick on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by shaw-colin
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My old PACE digital terminal supported a "Zoom" function where it was possible for me to expand a picture that was being broadcast in 16x9 letterbox presentation format to a 4x3 aspect ratio signal to full screen on my 16x9 television.  The TCM (channel 46) regularly does this with their movies (they do not yet have an HD channel).  With my PACE terminal, I was able to "ZOOM' this type of presentation to full screen on my 16x9 television - it looked really great.  With the gateway, the only option I have for the 16x9 aspect ratio is to "stretch" or "maintain".  "Stretch" really makes these types of movies look awful - so I use "maintain" and suffer a letterbox format inside the 4x3 window - really poor...  I can't find a "ZOOM" function like the PACE had.



Any ideas?