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Gateway portal - bright lights

Question asked by tonypatrick on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by tonypatrick

The time display on the gateway portal is very bright.  I have used the "Front Panel" settings in an attempt to tone--it-down.  (The settings provide for high, medium, low, and off.)  However, the dynamic range of these settings is too limited.  In a dark room, even with the "low" setting, the timer display on the portal is ten times as bright as anything else.  My DVD/VCR player combo, my BluRay player, (and yes - even my old PACE box) were able to dim their displays far better than the portal can.  As a result, I simply switched the "FrontPanel" display to off.


Can someone at Shaw talk to someone at ARRIS and have them improved the dynamic range of the "Front Panel" display?  (Hopefully this time the job will go to an engineer who is not vision impaired. :-)