Can't pause without losing program.

Discussion created by justmike on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by [shaw]ali

So once again I had to unplug the PVR and let it reboot. This time because any show we were watching could not be paused, walked away from to get a cup of coffee or stir the soup or answer the door because the PVR could not resume the show. All we got was a whole lot of black screen with a few chunks of pixelation for the duration of the paused segment. We had no choice but to hit LIVE and miss the paused bits. Exremely irritating to say the least. I may have to get an electrician in at this rate to hardwire an outlet right next to the couch so I don't have to get my lazy butt up to unplug and reboot the thing, which I am having to do more than I like. I am starting to believe I have a DCX 3510 with some serious issues. At this rate I will be trading this sucker in before my wife heaves it through the window. I have to keep reminding her that if she does throw something, throw it at the PVR, NOT the T.V.!!!!   lol