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Shaw service to apartments - renters beware

Question asked by ddpomrei on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

My roommate and I had been living in an apartment building for a year or so when we were informed that the tenants would be receiving complementary Shaw cable service. We didn't need to set up any accounts, the charges would come out of our rent, and we didn't need to worry about the equipment unless it was broken, in which case we could call Shaw to get it serviced.


We moved out in July 2013, leaving the cable box and remote behind as instructed to by both the landlord and Shaw.


Three months later I received a bill from Shaw for $81 for "unreturned equipment". Wtf? I called customer service and explained the situation, that the equipment was always in the name of and remained in the care of the landlord. The service rep said sure, no problem, we'll get the charges removed and have this taken off of your account.


Fast forward to yesterday where I received in the mail a letter from some credit adjusters pursuing me for delinquent charges related to unreturned equipment. I called Shaw customer service, explained the situation, and was told that by the service rep that the charges had not in fact been removed from my account. He said he would ensure the charges got removed and call me back to let me know.


After hearing nothing from him, I logged on to the Shaw online customer service and was told flat out that the charges could not come off my account because it was my responsibility to return the equipment I had not asked for and was not aware I had a responsibility for. He said equipment could NOT be transferred over and that the charges would remain.


The equipment is still in my old apartment, being used by the current tenants! I definitely do not feel like I am being treated fairly and my credit score is going to be hurt by this because I did what I was told!


I advise all renters to carefully read the fine print, talk it over with their landlords, and make sure they don't get screwed by Shaw like I did!