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A dream in the clouds. Portable shaw go wifi hot spot

Question asked by more_speed on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by shaw-colin

Here's something for Shaw technicians and developers to think about, a portable Shaw Go Wifi hotspot. I don't know technically how this would be pulled off. But the key word is portable for Internet access where there isn't Internet access. Here's a scenario. I'm helping on a tournament at the kid's school and it would be really handy for the parent organizers to have access to the Internet to share registration databases, share team pairings, etc. We could update a webpage and everyone at the tournament can see on their smartphones the team match ups for the next round and where they have to go. There is Internet in the school but parents can't access the school's Internet or wifi. It is password protected and only for teachers and administrators. There are no businesses nearby offering Shaw wifi Go. Short of bringing in a Roger's Rocket Hub or a Telus Mobile Internet Key, wouldn't it be great to bring in a Shaw appliance, plug it into power and have Internet? I would plug it into a router and make my own LAN with Internet access.


Another scenario, I'm at a meeting and the organizers have arranged the use of a room. Everyone pulls out their laptops but there is no Internet to get documents sent from the home offices. So I plug in the hypothetical appliance to AC power for an instant Shaw hot spot.


Alternatives? I could turn on the hotspot on my cell phone but everyone connected to it will eat up my month's worth of data in no time. Or we could run a really long ethernet cable from a kind neighbour. Maybe someone could donate their rocket hub or internet key? Or...wouldn't it be cool to plug in some kind of appliance and tap into a shaw Internet account? I'm willing to live with some limitations like this would only work in a metro area (not in a remote cabin). Of course the data would come off the monthly allowance for the Internet plan. Oh and it's got to be affordable, maybe just the price of the appliance?


So how would this work? Wifi Max to an appliance? Let your imagination fly.