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Why Won't My PVR Record Rick Mercer?

Question asked by mslark on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by shaw-ken

This is very weird.


I like the Rick Mercer Report, and I have it set to record on my PVR. Now, I can't set a series recording, because even though the program shows as new in the Guide, the PVR doesn't seem to be able to distinguish between new and repeats on CBC, and so it will record every single Rick Mercer report CBC airs in a week which is a dozen or more. So, I set it manually.


Up 'til now, this has worked fine, but, since the new year, this is what's happening:


I set the PVR to record the Rick Mercer Report on Tuesday.

It doesn't record. However, the PVR then shows that it will record the repeat of the show on Friday (which I hadn't already set).

Again, it doesn't record.

This has now happened three weeks in a row. Each time, there is a red dot on the program (and not the circle with a line through it signifying that it won't record it), but it doesn't record.


Any ideas? This is driving me crazy. All the other programs I set to record, including others on CBC, are recorded with no problems.


BTW, I this particular PVR is a DCT6416 III.