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Wireless Access Points

Question asked by 2000ca on Jan 25, 2014
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I have been using the router supplied by Shaw for the past year, but have been experiencing "dead zones" within in my home for a while.  I have a larger home with the router located in the basement furnace room.  I know this is not ideal, but I cannot move it from here.  I do have CAT5 wiring from the basement to various points within the home.  As such I have tried various solutions, but have had limited success (i.e. wireless network range extender - which as a side is very unstable).  I understand that I may want to add a WAP whereby I would add a new wireless router in another area of my home and use it only as an access point.  In order to do so I need to "daisy-chain" the Shaw router with a new router.  Unfortunately, this appears complicated and I am wondering if this is something I should consider or if there is another alternative to consider.  Any help would be appreciated.  I need to ensure that all the devices can access each other (i.e. on the same network).