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Seagate Expander installation verification

Question asked by dwbraun on Jan 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by mark_vse

I am looking for a way to verify that my Seagate Expander is actually installed and ready for use. My PVR guide for recorded programs indicated that the PVR was 32% full. I followed the guide for disconnecting the expander from the system. Once it was disconnected, I checked to make sure that the recorded programming was on the PVR and not the expander and all programs were present. The PVR still indicated that it was 32% full. I followed the instructions and reconnected the expander. The PVR still indicated it is 32% full. How do I know that expander is installed and ready for use? I would have expected that the PVR would have indicated to be 0% full or close to that number. There was no option to format the drive when it was reconnected.