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Ridicoulously SLOW broadband - Armstrong BC

Question asked by cnorver on Jan 26, 2014
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We have had problems with slow broadband connections for months.  Recently we have been experiencing RIDICULOUS slow speeds during peak evening hours.  It seems to be the worst between about 8pm and 11pm.  But in the last week it is so bad that we cannot even run a speed test - it pings out.  Cannot watch Netflix at all.  Cannot load anything on You Tube.  We have a wired connection NOT wireless.  Have tried all tips and tweaks, everything works fine at all times other than peak hours.  We have had technicians visit several homes in our immediate area and nothing has been found to explain this.  The last technician who was here mentioned that he thought that the node in our area was saturated and causing the logjam during peak hours.  All the equipment tested has been functioning properly.


What gives??  Why am I paying for Broadband 50 when things are so bad I can't run a speedtest or ping anything?  We keep complainiing, techs find NOTHING wrong... yet the problem continues.  Getting very fed up and seriously considering switching to Telus Optik as soon as it is available.


I would like to get some answers, and not just send another tech... we have had at least three and all have found nothing wrong with the equipment.


Thank you