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One computer of several fails to connect to internet, others do

Question asked by scoxbike on Jan 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by kevinds

We have several computers in our home network.  Three are wired to our Shaw/Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway, four others are connected to it wirelessly.  We just adopted this configuration because our Netgear wireless router, that we had had solely wired into the Gateway, failed the other day.  So we've started using the wired and wireless features of the Cisco directly.  I mention this as background because we'd been using the Cisco only for its cablemodemness and hadn't used any of its other features.

Now, exercising the Cisco a little harder, we've found that one computer can connect to the Cisco but won't gain internet access.  Won't google, for example.  The others get to the google just like they should.

The computer fails to get to the internet either wirelessly or wired.  While wired we disabled its wireless NIC so that it wouldn't double connect.

I've done the Ping test at How to Perform a Ping Test (Windows) and it will ping but not  I've then done Resetting the Domain Name System (DNS) but there has been no improvement in connectivity.  This one computer fails the ping DNS but will manage to ping an address.

This one computer has had nothing done to it since the time of the failure of the Netgear router, aside from pointing it at the different wireless network name and joining it.  The computer has connected successfully to the internet, via DNS, after we began using the Cisco with it.  Now, tonight, it won't any longer.

I'm typing this letter on one of the other computers that do manage to get through to the internet.  Proof that the Cisco only hates that other computer.

What steps to take now, please?