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Recording a channel with the new menu...

Question asked by dm257 on Jan 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

I have 4 pvr's - 2 of the newer Motorola DCT3510's and 2 Pace's.   Prior to the new menu system on the DCT3510 I was able to go to set a recording and choose a channel to record - as opposed to a program - and record any time period for that channel regardless of what the program was.  That does not seem to be an option with the new menu system.


Allow me to give you an example of what I would like to do with the new menu.  For example the PGA Farmers golf tournament was on today and I was unable to watch it live.  I really don't care to record the entire 3 or 4 hours of the event - I would just like to record the last half hour or so to conveniently watch how the final few holes led to the final result.  So I would like to set a recording of the channel showing the tournament from X time to Y time.


Similarly I am not interested in recording the entire hour of our local news cast.  I just want to see the first 15 minutes.  So again I would just like to set up a recording of channel X from time A to time B rather than record the entire program.


It does not appear to me that the new menu system allows one to do this - and calling in to Shaw has confirmed this.


What are the chances that Shaw will add this feature - that is or was available on the older menu systems - to the new menu.