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When reviewing scheduled series recordings, it no longer shows how many will be recorded.



When viewing a recorded show, if press Pause, it Plays by itself after 10 minutes. Knowing this setting is to protect the image burning the TV screen, the suggestion is that the show stays in pause indefinitely, and after either 1-2-5-10 minutes (user selectable) the screen goes into “Screen-Saver mode” where the screen goes blank and the Shaw logo along the time moves around the screen in a random way. This way no TV is burned and customers are happy to be able to take longer than 10 minutes to make popcorn. This way as well no TV screens will burn as 10 minutes is too long for some TVs.



Extra recording time for “live” shows is allowed, but no option is provided for “non-live” shows. The suggestion is to also allow setting extra recording time for non-live shows for two main reasons: The shows are not always in perfect synchronization with the PVR time, so several shows “lose” the last minute of show which is important for 30-minute shows. Secondly, several live shows do not have the “live” word in the title and the PVR believes is a non-live show and it incorrectly does not provide the extend-time option.



When viewing a recorded show, if press Stop: if it is in the last seconds of the show or the show already finished, it asks if the show should be deleted (this is OK). The suggestion is that if press Stop at any time, the menu where I can delete the show should pop-up or at least the menu to choose another recorded program should show, compared to going back to live TV.



When reviewing scheduled programs to be recorded, it does not show programs that will not be recorded due to priority settings. The suggestion is to show ALL scheduled programs, particularly the ones that will not record due to overlapping, so something can be done about it.



When viewing live shows (not recorded) if press Pause, knowing that after 10-30 minutes the buffer fills and it plays the show so it doesn’t lose newer information, the suggestion is to give the option that when the show is in Pause, after ~30 minutes in pause, the original show being watched is recorded inasmuch as possible and continue recording for the duration of the show; able to keep the show in pause indefinitely. You can show a screen message advising the program was recorded so the user can view it at their leisure.



When setting to record a program or series, sometimes warns about overlap conflicts. The suggestion is to show which other program is causing the conflict. Additionally, presenting alternate showings for the program to be recorded would be advisable.



When pressing Pause, the show Pauses. If the Pause key is pressed once again, the program “Plays”; this is wrong. Play key is to Play. Pause key is to Pause. The suggestion is that for consecutive Pause presses the show advances one frame per Pause keypress (same as old PVR). If after the Pause key is pressed, the Forward key is pressed (the show currently fast forwards which is wrong) the show should advance slowly.



When watching a recording, the guide cannot be displayed. One must exist the program to see the guide, then once again look for the desire program to continue watching.


The description of some shows is truncated "...", even if pressing the “Info” button. Please show the entire description provided, plus any additional information. Old PVR showed Review-Stars for movies, new PVR doesn’t.


The volume of most new shows is set for 5.1 or 7.1 sound systems, but most TVs are only 2.1 (stereo).


When listening to shows, the human voices volume level is very shallow and can barely hea, and at the same time the volume level of music and special effect is higher. So when I want to listen to human voices, I’m forced to increase the volume, but when music/effects began I’m forced to lower the volume.


Please review this problem and make sure that the Stereo-out connectors of the PVR (DCX3510-M) is set for 2.1 systems and not for 5.1 or 7.1 systems.


For 2.1 systems, please increase the volume of human voices (center speaker).


Another option could be to have options within the PVR to increase/decrease the volume of the “center speaker” for both, 2.1 and 5.1/7.1 speaker systems, or adding a “Clear Voice” option.





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