another 2-tuner failure - conflict when there should be none, failed recording, etc etc

Discussion created by bcb on Jan 26, 2014
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this is getting SOOOO frustrating.  another instance of the DCX3510 getting confused about how many tuners are busy and as a result botching a scheduled recording on one of only 2 simultaneously scheduled recordings. 


It's like the 3510 cannot properly count to two. This is not the first time this has happened.  And to top it off, today's botched recording was a show airing only today that I really wanted to record. Not only that, attempts to start that botched recording in-progress simply blanked the channel (as if the tuner was unavailable) making it impossible to watch the full show, until I cancelled the in-progress recording on the first channel.



today (Jan 26) I had the following scheduled recordings

1) ch 22 5:00pm - 7:30pm Canucks vs Coyotes game- live broadcast so I set the option to add 30min to scheduled time* (*more about this later)

2) ch 85 5:00pm - 8:30pm Grammys

3) ch 8 8:00pm - 9:00pm Operation Oblivion  ( the one-time airing I wanted to record)


* I watched the hockey game live and noticed both REC lights on from 5pm onwards as expected.

the game ended around 7:45pm, and I then stopped the recording on that channel just to make sure there'd be no problem with a conflict once 8pm rolled around. I checked the recording list and sure enough only 1 red dot remained beside the Grammys, and only  1 REC light remained on. The hockey game was no longer being recorded.

a few minutes before 8pm I changed the channel to watch ch8 live. But at about 5 minutes before 8pm - first BAD sign -  a big warning message popped up on the screen saying something about 2 recordings coming up on ch 85 and ch8 and do I want to change the channel once the recording starts  -I forget the other exact choice, I think it asked if I want to cancel the new recording coming up, - so of course I selected change the channel once the recording starts to that channel. The message made no sense because I was already watching ch 8, and the only upcoming recording was on ch8, and the only in progress recording was on ch85. Why did it think I was on some other channel???

8pm comes and I got another conflict warning - again, there should not have been any conflict warning, at most 2 tuners were busy. I ended up cancelling the in progress recording on ch85 just so I could make sure that the show on ch8 would record - now both REC lights were out and I was tuned to ch8, but ch8 went blank - no picture. several times I tried to start a new recording on ch8 (show already several minutes in progress at this point), but each time I would get a warning asking to replace the existing recording (there was no recording on ch8 in the listing) or cancel. If I said replace the existing recording, no REC light would turn on so it looked like ch8 was not recording. Eventually I got a picture on ch8 if I didn't select replace the existing recording. finally I gave up trying to set a recording and just watched the last 45min of the show live.  after all was said and done, I have no recording of ch8, and a prematurely terminated recording of ch85.

very very very frustrating. I really want to throw this hunk of junk out the window, it's sooo unreliable, always at the worst possible time

I've encountered 2-tuner problems many times now, and each time I report it the symptoms are slightly different - the only common denominator is that something is really screwy with 2 tuner conflicts (often bogus conflicts). Sometimes things record simultaneously on 2 tuners without any problem. Sometime the bogus 2-tuner conflicts are just annoyances and the 2 scheduled shows record fine, and other times they result in catastrophic failure of at least one of the recordings. Never has one of these problems I've observed happened when there really was 3 scheduled recordings conflicting.

Oh, and the other common denominator is that either my reports about 2-tuner issues are ignored by Shaw or brushed aside as "one-of' problems.


it's past time for someone to seriously investigate these 2-tuner bugs!!