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No Dolby Digital 5.1 on Certain Channels

Question asked by jgerard on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by simplymagic

Looking for feedback from others on this. I have 2 portals that are connected to A/V Receivers. Both are slightly different setups but with same results.

I am using channels 201 (CBS) and 225 (TSN) for comparison although there are a number of other network channels that have the issue.


Portal 1: HDMI -> AV Receiver -> TV: Channel 201 connects digital to receiver but only has 2 channel sound (ie, no center channel whatsoever). Channel 225 connects DD5.1 will full 5 channel sound. On 201 I have to set the A/V Receiver to Pro Logic to get simulated surround. On 225, the A/V Receiver detects 5.1 and I get voice through center channel.


Portal 2: HDMI -> TV, RCA Digital Audio out -> A/V Receiver: This is an older A/V Receiver but auto-switches from DD5.1 to Pro Logic. On 201 it receives Digital signal but the receiver shows Pro Logic. On 225, the receiver shows digital signal and DD5.1 lights up.


Both portals have audio out correctly set to Dolby Digital.


I have opened a ticket with Shaw this morning but I am looking for feedback to reference. Shaw T1 tech said he had a standalone HD box at home hooked to an AMP that he would check. Unfortunately I do not have anything I can hook up to my one stand-alone HD box to test. This needs to be confirmed as well. ie, if it is a gateway / portal issue or both.


I am certain that this all used to work correctly some time ago as I recall watching CSI episodes on 201 that state DD5.1 and were definitely played back in 5.1. Now, everything on 201 is only 2-channel.


Thanks in advance!