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Shaw wireless modem & D-Link wireless router

Question asked by deanw on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by kevinds

Hi, We currently have a Shaw Cisco wireless router and we also have our own D-Link wireless router that is about 5-6 years old now. I have a couple of questions. The reason we kept the D-link was we had it before getting the Shaw wireless, it has all our devices connected. We also use both the Shaw and D-Link for the 5 Hardwired ethernet connections located in the house.


  1. The Shaw router is not in Bridge mode, It is also in wireless mode, would this effect the speed the D-Link router will receive?
  2. On the Shaw Wireless router we receive speeds between 17-19mbps, on the D-Link we receive a Max 9 mbps wireless, any suggestions to why this is occurring ?  When watching Netflix over wireless, this drops to 3 mbps on the D-link. Maybe we need to upgrade the D-link.
  3. On the hardwired D-link & Hardwired Shaw, We receive both roughly the same speeds.


If anyone has any suggestions, That would be great.