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CBC HD on the fritz

Question asked by danzman on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by shaw-colin
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Hello. It started happening again this past weekend. The signal to CBC HD (cable #209) is so choppy that the picture can't even take form -- less than 1/4 of the picture appears. And, the sound doesn't get past chirps and burps. Now & again, the screen shows up with a dialogue box telling me my service should be resuming shortly, but nada. It's now Tuesday. That's 4 days without a picture on 209. Fyi, the other HD stations that I watch are performing fine -- i.e., 204, 223 to 235.


P.S. The loss of 209 seems to have coincided with the termination of the promotion period for HD stations higher than 235 (like OASIS, HIFI, Smith, etc).