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No Sound from Denon Receiver.

Question asked by donhere on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2014 by shaw-lance

I have the latest Gateway Arris installed on my  system, and can not hook up my surround sound system to work properly. The unit works fine with the Tv, but when I was to play a Sony Blueray disk, no sound comes out. The only sound I hear is from the tv speakers which is a LG 8600. The picture is amazing , but the sound isn't working. Do you have any wiring diagrams for this as so I can get sound from all components?  The guys that installed it did not go through the system to show me what was hooked up and what to do when watching this or that on the tv.  Do I hook up from the pvr or the tv to my surround system? or Surround system to the pvr? come right out of the tv to my units? The Denon receiver is model number avr 689 sorry so confused and have been working on this for days now trying to get everything to work properly. Worked before with my older gateway system.




Thank you


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