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Firewall issue?

Question asked by janisf on Jan 29, 2014
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I'm a teacher at a BC language college and one of my students cannot access our online learning site when she uses her Shaw internet service. I'm wondering if perhaps there is a firewall or something in the security settings that is blocking our site. I know that she uses Shaw as her internet provider but I don't know what package she has.


Before I go any further exploring this with her, can you tell me if this is a possible problem? We are using a Moodle site for our online learning site and I have seen posts on the Moodle help forums that when a student can't log in, it may be an issue with their internet provider's security settings. We have never had an issue with any other student and this student is able to log in to the site using our equipment and internet service when she is at school.  At home she cannot log into the site with either her laptop or her tablet.


Thanks for your help.