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Shaw is getting worse by the day

Question asked by fixyourinternet on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by shaw-lance
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Not only did you increase the price without our permission, I told my parents, whatever, cancel the internet. Are you seriously doing that?

You increased the payment from $50 to $60, lowered our speed from 25MBPS to 20MBPS, connection is choppy, disconnecting in important moments, and overall... crappy.


If I bought internet from a beggar with a can of soup and string wire I'll get a better connection then what you're giving us...

30 minutes into a game, yes, I'm a gamer, the internet disconnects and reconnects after 10 minutes. Sure, no problem. Just wait for it to re-connect right?

Wrong. I get kicked out of the game for inactivity and my team loses... Including the funds I supposedly earned.

I used to be able to run a game for 10 hours without disconnecting and now... what the hell? I can't keep a straight connection for half an hour! This happens every day and I try to open up the browser or anything else that uses internet and guess what?

Those can't connect either.

Router has nothing surrounding it, connection is at channel 1, no malware, and nothing that would ruin or disconnect me from what I'm doing.


It's coming from shaw and nothing from where I am. I draw the line when it's happening way too often and it's insanely annoying. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude while I'm writing this.


Thanks a bunch for your "High speed" internet and "amazing deals".


Overpriced and slow... v.v