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Stop harrassing me

Question asked by trebeccal on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by [shaw]ali

I keep getting junk calls from Shaw. I have only internet and that is the way I want it. Last week someone from Shaw called while I was TRYING to make dinner, and wanted me to sign up for some special promo on bundles. He just could not believe that no, I don't want cable and digital phone, and I really do just want the internet, no matter what the deal of the day is. I don't watch any TV at all; when I had cable I didn't watch it, which is why I cancelled it in the first place. I have a cell phone that I can use at home, work, and everywhere else, and I do not see any need whatsoever to pay for an additional phone. In the summer I got talked into a trial of "free" cable, and it was a huge hassle and I will never fall for that one again.


Why on earth wouldn't I want two months of free cable? Well, first, I had to commit to a couple of hours to be home to wait for the guy to come and connect it. It turned out to be a very nice summer evening and I could not go out and enjoy it because I had, under heavy sales pressure, agreed to commit to a time to be home so a guy to come and connect a service I didn't want. I was pretty resentful and angry with myself to agreeing to it. Two hours of my time wasted right there. I then had cable for a month or more, and never watched it once, because that isn't what I do. I then saw charges for it on my cable bill, for the "free" trial. Another hour of my time wasted on the phone trying to sort that out. Oh, and apparently "free" didn't start until the first of the month following the Shaw guy's visit, so the ten days or so in between, I was told I was responsible for. So much for "no cost or obligation."  I cancelled at that point. But then I had to return the equipment, as I didn't want to be a prisoner in my home a second time, to wait for a Shaw person to come and get it at some specific date and time. More time driving out to a Shaw office, through traffic and burning up gas, to return the equipment. Thanks for the free trial but I don't understand why you think I would sign up again when I already tried and cancelled less than 6 months ago. I don't care if it's "free"; as I explained to the guy who kept begging to know why I wouldn't listen to his pitch as my steak was burning on the stove, it's just too much of a big, big hassle for something I already know I won't use.


Apparently you guys didn't believe me when I said "no" because since that call one week ago, I see on my call display that you have tried to call again TWICE in the past week, at dinner time. I want the harassment to stop. But you haven't provided an email address in the "contact us" section of your site; nobody is responding to my "live chat" request, and I certainly don't want the hassle of trying to call you.


I have internet, and that is the only service I want. That is not going to change, ever, and in fact, if I get one more phone call about this I am ready to switch providers.