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I have the same issues up here in NW near SAIT. The internet cuts off completely for 10-20 mins at a time, at mostly random times of the day.


The lights for "online" on the modem do cut out when this service gets spotty. Sometimes unplugging and replugging it, does allow it to reconnect, but not always.


I just had a tech do an update for our modem (I rent, and we recently had a new buyer/owner of the house). The tech put our new modem in bridged mode, and continued to use my netgear R6300 router (approx. 9 months old, $200- Fantastic router-no issues there).


The issue had started in December. Usually it would happen at around 10-10:30 am.


Over the past couple weeks, it's been also happening between 12-1230, and usually it will do it as well around 1400-1600. We've also had some cases where it does it in the evening as well. The times that happens is even more inconsistent.


It doesn't matter which modem we've been using. These issues happen enough at random times. I was even watching a streaming video while typing this, and it's cut out twice. That was at 16:14, and I submitted this reply when the service started working again at 1646.


Between these issues and the really poor ratio of download/upload speeds, I'm leaning more towards just saying poop to it, and going with ADSL.