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Question asked by kritiker on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by kritiker

It's not bad enough that the offered VOD titles differ between the Gateway and the other boxes but there are also two different web sites too, Shaw Video on Demand and  Shaw EXO On Demand. I find the absence of an simple, alphabetical list on the VOD I can see from my DCX3400 to be very frustrating. The Gateway seems to have such a list but I am not sure that it includes all the titles in all the subcategories there either. I am not yet sure if both web sites offer all movies that Shaw has available or if there is a difference here too.


Plus some items have no prices and I have to assume that they are available only via one of the subscription services. On the first site they seem to be marked with an S in the upper left had corner, although I couldn't see where that was actually explained.


So far, for example for Movie listings, I prefer the old site to the new, flashier EXO site.


In all cases, I absolutely hate the organization of TV programs by network. I want to be able to see the shows from all networks. I don'twant to haveto try and guess which network puts on a show. A simple alphabetical listing is all I want. Sub-listings by genre would be nice. Listings by network aren't all that helpful, at least to me.


Lastly, the inability to FF or RW on some programs makes that service unusable, for me.

[I know, I know, the networks are making Shaw do it. Shaw is only following orders. Nonetheless, there are ways of preventing us from bypassing commercials and still providing (albeit a somewhat reduced) FF and RW capaility. If ITV in the UK can do it then so can we.]