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Filipino TV programming

Question asked by sheilamariet13 on Jan 31, 2014
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To whom this may concern:

I recently ordered from Shaw Cable FTV channel (510) hoping to watch a "wide array" of Filipino shows. Most of all, I was hoping to be able to watch PBA (basketball) since it was stated on the description of its programming. But to my dismay, all the channel has were old Filipino movies. I would like to ask if that is all that FTV channel offers? Where are the other shows that it says it offers like boxing, diving, basketball etc. ?

Hoping for a response. Would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!


Shaw Cable costumer (Vancouver)







Filipino TV is the new leader in high quality Filipino programming direct from the Philippines. Enjoy the sporting of the Philippines from boxing, diving and the Philippine Basketball Association as well as cooking, fashion and travel shows.

Programming includes:

news, entertainment, movies, public affairs, music, lifestyle, documentaries, children’s entertainment and travel programs.

comprehensive news programs such as “Teledyaryo Ala Una,” daily