Comment on Champ Remote

Discussion created by tvjunkie on Jan 31, 2014
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There is a major ergonomic flaw in the Champ remote control.  Whoever designed and built this thing did it for esthetics rather than function.

The main flaw is the positioning of the DVR motion controls.  They are placed at the bottom of the unit, so that it requires two hands to manipulate the FF, REW, pause, play nand stop.  As these are frequently used when playing back programs, including recorded material as well as live pause operations, it is very inconvenient.

Another feaqture missing from the remote, which is present on other models, is a "Live" button.  This button takes the picture back to the live feed from the selected channel, and is useful after backing up a live channel to review a portion of a program.  This remote requires holding the FF button until the program reaches the live feed, which can take several seconds, an annoyance at best, especially with the poor location of the button!