A small niggle concerning forums re: Post "Views"

Discussion created by gamerguy on Feb 1, 2014
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I touched on this in a recent post I made but I'd like to make an actual request.


Post "Views" should not be counted if it's me going back to edit my post for whatever reason. Other forums I frequent have, what to me is a better, more accurate system. It only tracks "unique views" rather than every view.


I guess I can see why some may want every view recorded but to me "unique views" is more telling than a whole poop load of repeat views.


Can this forum be set up in such a manner? And is Shaw interested in changing it if so?




See.....I am not a "view".....I am the author!!!!!! ........and now that I had to edit in this P.S. my post has apparently had 2 views........but not really.....see my point?