Strange dips in DL/UL speeds

Discussion created by jameskhbeattie on Jul 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2012 by staceym

I recently had an out-of-the-blue slow to baby-crawl speeds with my internet connection. I had a really quick response from the @shawhelp team, and they sent me the links to run tests. This is that link.


After running the speed tests, and getting some feedback from the support team, we decided that it may have been a bad strip of coax, so I went down and monkeyed around with it for a bit. It seemed to improve the speeds slightly, but by that point things had somewhat normalized. I don't know if what we were doing fixed the problem or if it was just a small brainfart in the system somewhere. The speed test is definitely a handy thing to have for checking if you've made any sort of impact after rewiring things though.


Good experience, I love that the staff communicated in a way that didn't make me feel dumb, but didn't pander either. Great work, @shawhelp!