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When will the poor interface be upgraded?

Question asked by baasha on Feb 1, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by shaw-sean

I have been waiting patiently for many months for something to be done about the extremely poor user interface on this machine.  I have been told that Shaw is working on it but have seen no progress.  As for your next to impossible to find template for reporting problems, I don't understand why the customer has to go to such extreme lengths to document the problems with this pvr.  The problems we are faced with have been reported over and over again, but you just aren't listening.  If you are truly interested in finding out how many people are having problems just list list the problems already reported and allow us to check off a me too button.  It seems like Shaw is only interested in making as much money as possible  and the customer has to fend for themselves.  I consider myself to be a fairly patient and tolerant person (typical Canadian attitude) but enough is enough.  If this company tried this in the US you would be out of business.  We are being taken advantage of!