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External Drive on Gateway

Question asked by e350coupe on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by shaw-lance

I have had the Gateway with 2 portals for about 2-3 years or since they first came out.


The problem is with the external add on 1TB hard drive also purchased from Shaw.


After a couple of months the WD pvr expander started a ticking sound as if the hard drive was going, needless to say I called Shaw and they sent out a tech who just replaced the drive with a Seagate case and no cooling fan, and needless to say I lost all my shows.


As time goes by a couple of months the ticking is back, really loud at night when all is quiet and vibrates through the case.

I then bought another hard drive case which is rubber mounted and has an internal cooling fan for the hard drive, case more expensive then the 1TB drive.


Times goes by and ticking back as if the head on the hard drive is crashing.


I call Shaw and they want to replace the drive which means once again I will loose all my shows.


Thinking of other ways to remedy this I notice that if I do a software removal of the external hard drive then re-connect it the sound is gone, but needless to say the sound return a few days later.


Any ideas of a remedy for this, I need the 1TB or larger as I only record in HD, and do not want to loose the shows I have saved and yet to watch by swapping out the HD again.


Thanking you in advance


Tim from White Rock.