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Cannot login to a gaming website/server since January 16, 2014

Question asked by rickyl-bc on Feb 2, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by rickyl-bc

Hi everyone,


I do not know if my problem is related to this ([Resolved] British Columbia - Trouble connecting to certain websites) or not. But seeing it being marked as resolved concerns me a lot as I am still having trouble logging into a game server.


In my case, I am in Burnaby, BC. I have been visiting this website ( daily. Then suddenly, starting on January 16, I could not login to the game server to start its web-based game. At first, I thought it was the game server itself having problem so I did not pay attention. But after a few days of waiting and then trying with different browsers / add-ons / computers / with or without routers / with or without firewalls / dns / locations (yes, I went to other people houses to try), then I realized that the problem was on Shaw.


I can and still can connect to the game server anywhere as long as I am on Telus ADSL. With Shaw, I can visit (and login?) the main site just fine. But once I click the button in the center to start the game, it fails to connect (to the actual remote game server?). Can any of the mods here please help me?


I like Shaw and want to stay with Shaw. But with Telus Marketing Dept calling my daily for the past 2 weeks, combined with this particular problem I am having, I really do not know how long should I be staying with Shaw. (By the way, last week on January 25, everyone I know who has Shaw home phone had trouble calling to the Rogers/Fido mobile network. Of course, it was fixed by the next morning. But still, very disappointing.)