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Pixelation and Audio drops

Question asked by neme on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2014 by mark_vse
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I just had the Gateway and one portal installed on Thursday and I really like it but I've been having pixelation and audio drops on many channels.  For the most part the pixelation and audio drops are just occasional, either a short pixelation with audio drop or sometimes just a short audio drop.  But I've also had prolonged pixelation with audio drops on a couple of channels.  I first noticed this on CBC HD (209).  It was on Saturday between noon and 1pm, a hockey game was on.  At the same time CW 60 or WGN (61), I forget which, was also experiencing the same problems.  I would say it lasted at least an hour, I can't say exactly how long it lasted because I changed channels but when I came back to CBC HD a couple of hours later the channel was fine.


Then between 12am and 1am early this morning (Feb. 3) I noticed the prolonged pixelation on CBC HD (209) had returned.  I then changed the channel to FX HD (267) and it had short audio drops but I also got a 'loss of signal' screen.  I recorded some of the pixelation on CBC HD in case I needed proof and when I stopped the recording the channel froze.  This morning I turned on tv and tuned it to CBC HD and the prolonged pixelation and audio drops continue.


I've unplugged and reset the portal but no change.  So what do I do now?


*The pixelation on CBC HD (209) appeared to have stopped as I was finishing this post but as I returned to the channel for a second time the channel froze.