Red Deer Back having slow internet.

Discussion created by hellsent on Feb 4, 2014
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Sooooooooo about Five months ago I had quite a large gap in between my chosen Internet connection of broadband 100.

It started after 6pmish until maybe 3-4 am? I was dropping below 15 and more at night, they sent a technician out who told me that the problem wasn't isolated that it was shaw themselves he did however changed all my coax cables and did all he possibly could which was great I'm pretty understanding he can't solve it all from a van. Seemed to be fine had a couple of issues but now its seems to be back yet again even more worse now so.


I was getting 1.23 lovely Mbps at 1am  and at 3am was up to 12.45 Mbps

Generally I don't expect to hit 100 every time but to be above 60Mbps would just make me happy.

I gave it a couple of nights before posting this just make sure it wasn't a one time thing however last 4-5 days seems to been increasingly worse

This is my following message couple months ago and I have done same procedures


"I have been using the same internet connection through shaw last 2 years never had an issue usually sit at 75-100 mbps, howhever last couple days I have drop to 5-20 mbps even sometimes losing all connection, I have tried to restart the modem, soft restarting, plugging in directly, switching out ethernet cables, changing the wifi password, restoring it to factory defaults, and I just reformatted my computer ensuring no virus, or anti software was blocking it, even tried talking quietly to it, still nothing seems to be imrpoving my connection speed"


Not sure if there's maintenance or something going on, I just don't want another month of pretty much not using my internet at all and me disconnecting my wifi from my phone just so i am able check emails.


and if there is anyone else from the red deer area having same issues post on here so I know hopefully I'm not only one who is having following issues again.