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Pace TDC770D playback issues.

Question asked by bcib on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2014 by shaw-lance



I have the pace TDC770D pvr and have issues with the playback being interrupted by pixelation and audio cutouts at about 15 second intervals.  I've tried depowering but this did not seem to solve the issue. 


The issues is with playback of recorded programs or with playback after pausing the current channel. Live viewing does not have this problem.  If I pause then play the current channel, the issue will occur, and continues to occur even if I press the live button.  It seems even after pressing "LIVE" on the remote, the PVR still thinks it's buffering the content and the intermittent pauses occur the same as for a recorded program.   I have to change the channel ie up or down one channel, then change back to the program I'm watching to "clear" the problem.


Can you suggest the next step to diagnose the problem?