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How can this be: 3 expanders, 2 x 3510 PVR's, 4 techs visits - and still problems!

Question asked by vincej on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by shaw-matt

Hi The title says it all ... Shaw insists it is a hardware problem. I got the replacement PVR 3 weeks ago. From day one I have said it is a software problem.  I got the 3510 last year April and it has been nothing but a string of failures.  Frankly the unit is not fit for market release. The field techs know it's true. The customers know it's true ... just the head office staff are still holding onto the myth.


I don't know what to suggest - all I want is that it works perfectly 100% of the time.  So the same old problem is there as always: you record a programme and you get 35 minutes into it and the recording just stops and reverts to the beginning.


Please don't tell me again that this is an isolated case - looking at the posts there are several people who tell the same story.


I have been a customer of Shaw for 11 1/2 years - am I going to be forced into leaving Shaw just to get a PVR + expander that works ??


I'm too exhausted with this nonsense to be angry - just please make it work for heavens sake. Ohh ... and please tell the software techs that they have a serious bug with the PVR to Expander connection and disk management.