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Permissive dialing in Manitoba?

Question asked by wlennon on Aug 4, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2012 by morgand

Hi Shaw,


As you're aware, Manitoba is getting a new area code, 431, this fall. Since most of Manitoba's currently on 7-digit dialing, a "permissive dialing" period is required so that, by the time the new area code is introduced, Manitobans are used to dialing 10 digits for local calls. During the "permissive dialing" period, when someone dials a 7-digit local call, they are supposed to receive a network announcement telling them to dial the area code first, before their call is connected.


The permissive dialing period started in Manitoba on July 29, 2012. Despite this, if I dial 7 digits from my Shaw line, the call gets completed immediately without any network announcement. According to CNAC (NANPA Planning Letter PL-435), the permissive dialing network announcement, if implemented, should be fazed in between July 29 - August 5, 2012. BC and Alberta went through this in 2008 with the introduction of area codes 778 and 587, so permissive dialing should be nothing new to Shaw.


I would like to know whether Shaw plans to implement a network announcement in Manitoba during the permissive dialing period, and if so why is it currently not in effect?