DCX3400-M dead after Shaw Update

Discussion created by southsloper on Feb 6, 2014
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Branched from an earlier discussion

Well, isn't that special, the related(?) thread about periodic hangs of DCX3400's (Known issue with DCX3400 - Resolution?) has been locked pre-emptively, with a note basically stating Shaw isn't going to do anything to remedy the issue.  No firmware updates are anticipated because it's too risky. 


If this is the case, Shaw better think about offering a consideration for those of us who've been putting up with this issue (>2 years perhaps for us). If not a replacement with a working PVR & expander, or a full refund, then a substantial discount towards new PVR or Gateway or whatever is being offered nowadays...


Leaving the issue "up in the air" is not satisfactory, and merits a serious review of continuing our business with Shaw (and we have had cable forever, grandfathering from Rogers to Shaw, adding internet way back, and then bundling in phone service).


Alternatives anyone?  Satellite, phone provider, OTA, cord cutting???