Arris MP2150 Portal - Bright Lights

Discussion created by tonypatrick on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2014 by mark_vse

I had posted a version of this question before, but I don't think it was forwarded to the engineering group as identifying a glitch with the new Arris  MP2150 gateway portal.  The dynamic range of the front panel display on the MP2150 is very limited.  Regardless if I set the "Front Panel" brightness setting to high, medium, or low; the intensity of the front panel display does not change very much.  It remains extremely bright and is very annoying in a darkened room.  Only by turning the "Front Panel" display to off is there any relief to the eyes in a darkened room...  Not a great solution!  All three of my MP2150 portals behave the same way, so I suspect this glitch exists in the entire line.  Now for my question: Can this issue be escalated to the engineering group (at Shaw and at Arris) to see if a fix can be made available?  Hopefully a future firmware revision will be able to correct the problem.