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Discussion created by will.s on Feb 8, 2014
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Hi. My internet is also ridiculously slow, I have internet 25 wich  when I  first signed up with shaw was perfectly fine.Over the last couple of months it has gotten so that I cant watch Netflix or even use my internet in the evenings after 6pm. I have been on the phone numerous times with tech support telling me that I need a new modem wich didn't help, they sent a tech to my house who basicly told me he could do nothing because of saturation in the area . he basicly said that if more people would quit shaw that they would have to fix it. I am seriously considering switching to telus optic when it is available in march , I am not happy paying for something that doesn't work. 3 days ago I was on the phone with tech support and he basicly told me that it was a virus on my computer, LOL a virus that only affects my internet at peak hours come on! I think if you cant provide what I am paying for I shouldn't have to pay for it,  I'm paying for Netflix and cant use it in the evenings, If I wasn't paying my bill you would cut me off. I am very frustrated with your service and have just about had enough.