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question about setting up spam filters

Question asked by bmhorn on Feb 8, 2014
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I am suddenly receiving a lot of junk mail of the viagra, cialis, Let me show you a good time and payment problems variety.  I have set the Junk settings on my email programme (Thunderbird) to accept mail passed by Spam Assassin and am trying to set up filters on webmail so they just disappear from there.  The default filter, named Spam has a box at the bottom labelled Do not process additional filters.  I could find nothing in the online documentation which discusses the function of that box.  It's title seems obvious but I want to make sure that if I set up an additional filter to simply delete the offending emails I should uncheck that box? I don't really want to edit the default filter because stuff does turn up that I actually want to keep. I guess the next question is whether or not I should choose a different setting in Thunderbird. There are several choices other than spam assassin listed there.  Thanks in advance for any advice.