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Closed Captioning on TV vs. through HD Box

Question asked by bretagne on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by bretagne

I have been told by Shaw tech support that it should be possible, when closed captioning is available, to use my TV's closed captioning instead of having to turn on the closed captioning in my Motorola Shaw HD box. Right now, if I am watching a show via my TV which has CC, I can turn on CC with my TV's remote and I see the CC. If I turn on my HD Box, switch to the same station and have my TV's CC turned on, I don't see any CC.


I do not want to go use the HD Box's CC for those channels that are still available without the box. The box's CC is not as good as what my TV gives me.


I have the HD Box connected to my TV with component cables and tech support insists that I should be getting the CC. Well, I am not and have found no info to explain why this is the case.


Any help would be appreciated. I already know how to turn on/turn off the CC on the Shaw box but until the style of text/font is vastly improved, I am not interested in its offerings.