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Bugs in newer shaw cable "converter box"

Question asked by icarus59 on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2014 by kevinds

Good day.


I own an older Motorola DCT6200 and a newer DCX3200 digital "converter boxes" for my Shaw TV service. There are at least two issues (BUGS) that the DCX3200 has that the DCT6200 does NOT have.


Today I downloaded and watched an Almost Human episode (S1 e9). I watched it through the newer DCX3200.

The program told me that the fast forward control had been disabled.

I have watched this show previously and heard this warning before. So far no problem.

When I got to a part of the tv show I wanted to watch again because I missed something, I tried to rewind. The show would not rewind.


I knew fast forward had been disabled, but I had ALWAYS been able to rewind this show when I watched it through my DCT6200.

I tried several times, and although the rewind overlay (bottom of screen, rewind arrows at bottom left), and play time indicator showed up, I was unable to get the show to rewind. I tried turning off the converter box, and powering up and starting the progtram again. I could still not rewind.


When I had finished watching I went downstairs to check the rewind of the show on my older DCT6200 box.

The show was able to rewind with no problem.


I would like to be able to watch my program and rewind it if need be without having to change rooms and converter boxes. Can SHAW please fix this bug???


The second bug I have found is not as serious, but it IS annoying.

The Info about a show (when looking at the guide) can be quite incomplete on the newer DCX3200 box.  Several times I have pressed for info for a specific show and if it has a lot of info text, it gets chopped off with only a ......   at the end and no way to view the rest of the info.

I have tried. It is not there.  The rest of the info IS viewable on the DCT6200 box however.

I went to a Shaw outlet at a local mall and they were able to reproduce this bug and were not able to view the rest of the info on a guide listing that had a large info text write up.


It would be nice if Shaw could fix this error in programming as well.  It is a shame that the perfectly working older obsolete (no mpg4) but bug free equipment I have to replace is replaced with equipment that contains bugs.


Thanks so much.