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Pixilation problems

Question asked by on Feb 11, 2014
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I am trying very hard to get a somewhat definitive answer with regard to the constant pixilation problems being experienced in the Courtenay/Comox area.   I have been on the phone to the service centre at least 5 times and have had 3 technicians come to my home.   Each time they come they tell us there is a fix in the works and this should be resolved but NO-ONE can tell me when.   They have all offered to replace my unit with an older refurbished unit but that is not going to solve the ongoing problem.  Now to add insult to injury 3 programs taped on the weekend had no sound.   The pixilation problem only occurs on taped programs, no specific channel and no specific times.   I have tried to go above the service centre operators but that is a definite no go area, they always put me on hold to speak to their support desk but won't let me speak to them.   What do I have to do to get some kind of clearer understanding of what is going on.   I pay 200.00 a month for Shaw service and I am only getting about 25.00 worth.   According to one in-home technician there is a fix in place just waiting to be switched over but even he has no timeline.   I would appreciate hearing from others who are having these problems if they have had any more success than I have.   Each time I phone of course I get to speak to someone in a different part of the country and am on the phone for a least a half hour and not getting any satisfactory answers.   Is there anyone out there with an answer.   Thank you