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More Gateway Weirdness - cannot use LAST, blank grid Guide entries

Question asked by kritiker on Aug 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by gamerguy

This afternoon, around 4:30 p.m. Central Time, there was no grid Guide listing for the NBC (207) HD Olympic coverage on my Gateway. The grid guide was blank.  (Actually so was the the entry for other NBC (202) HD channel.)


I could select the blank entry in the grid Guide (but, of course, nothing was highlighted) but could not tune it by pressing OK. Earlier, it seemed to me, that I skipped right over such blanks when using up/down in the grid Guide.


As a matter of fact, there have quite a few blank grid Guide entries during the last few days.


There were no such problems with the Guide on my DCX3400. That guide was properly populated.


Sorry, not sure about the regular Gateway Guide. I don't use it.


I was also unable to use last to switch from CTV (210) to NBC (207). Quite annoying. This has happened once before.


At least I could still tune NBC (207) manually and by using up/down from neighbouring channels.


Also, I have to wonder why the Gateway doesn't have a decent PIP feature. I remember some system a few years ago, not sure which, that had a decent 2 or 3 image full-speed PIP and also a slow scan 10 or 15 image "preview" type PIP. That would have been very useful right now.


While I'm at it, I also miss having the entries colour coded by genre.